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Customer care and partner support are at the heart of Ghost’s product evolution strategy. Our leadership team has been building IP telephony application & solutions for more than a decade. At Ghost, we are constantly developing next generation products which give our partners a competitive edge over traditional unified communication application providers.

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This soft wallboard transforms ACD on the A-L platforms into a real call centre. The application takes the same performance statistics that are on old fashioned LED displays and presents them as a PC based application on a Plasma monitor. Ghost is also providing a bespoke report writing service for new reports.

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Text-to-Speech IVR

Ghost offers a high functionality, low cost IVR system which does not require special or purpose-built hardware cards to offer media services. It works with all modern PBX platforms with SIP endpoints or SIP proxy support.


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Outbound Dialler (Predictive & Progressive)

GTI CAMPAIGN is a mid-market, campaigns based dialling solution. It works with industry leading SMB telephone systems. The dialling solution is a collection of applications which work cohesively and provide an end-to-end outbound dialling system.

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Call Recording

Voice recording systems play a vital role in today’s connected business whether in a purpose-built Contact Centre or a typical office’s but not all recorders are equal in function or price. GTI RECORD combines rich features and affordability to provide a flexible, cost-effective and profitable solution for the SME market.

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Call Evaluation & Agent Training

Why not leverage on call recording system in place? Ghost offers a complete solution to allow you to proactively train and evaluate your team who is directly in contact with your customers, on the phone.

Click here to learn more on how you can work with real calls to evaluate your workforce and train them with interactive training module.

Agent Screen Recording

Unlike the most screen capture solutions, GTI Capture offers a centralised approach for management and maintenance of recorded video sessions. GTI Capture works with GTI RECORD as an add-on module to enhance the return on invest of your call recording system.

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