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This soft wallboard application can turn a small ACD system into a call center. It can run on a PC or plasma monitor and will display all of the common statistics to optimize the performance of a call center.

GTIWALLBOARD provides a number of useful performance statistics for a call center. Its purpose is to provide a snapshot of how the call center is performing at that moment.

As the application stores the statistics in the database, so some historical information about call center performance can also be ascertained.

Now you can get statistics for your call center on multiple screens from one PC simultaneously and that too in real time. Also, the statistics can automatically reset for new shifts, agents or campaigns.


Set alerts for thresholds and keep on track before the situation gets out of hand. As GTI Wallboard comes with two clients, ACD and hunt groups, thresholds can be applied to both the models.


The tiles can be arranged according to your needs. Also, you can choose different colors for different tiles differentiate or highlight as important.


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