Emergency call tracking made simple




GTI ALERT is a simple yet feature-rich “Emergency” call alerting system that triggers and manages real-time
alarms to key personnel within an organisation when someone dials an emergency number.

GTI ALERT can be used to monitor calls to recognised standard emergency numbers, as well as other internal or external numbers that may indicate emergency situations requiring a rapid response.

The message alerts designated personnel about the emergency call in progress and contains the geographic location information regarding the origin of the call that was previously entered into the system. The email real-time alert and the desktop pop-up contain links allowing immediate access to monitor the call through a suitably audio-equipped desktop computer.


Emergency calls are saved as WAV or MPEG files in the system along with information about the date, time and location of the call. Recorded calls can be emailed direct to first responders or any other third parties, during or after an incident, in a choice of common file formats.

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As with all emergency response systems, it is important that the system can be used in “test mode”. To this end, a Test Drill button simulates an “Emergency” call and sends simulated alert messages. A system log of all
tests carried out on the system is made available and is fully write-protected.

Run a test drill

Get all the information about the date, time and location in real time. Get specified locations for departments, floors and rooms so you can take action without wasting an extra second.


Get alerts on your mobile phones through SMS, your desktop as an popup and as an email in your inbox. Make sure that you are aware of the situation no matter where you are and what time it is. Have the situation under control on the go!


Make sure the specified personnel have received and seen the alerts through the feature of acknowledgement. Once they receive the alert, they can notify by just a click of a button and you can get the time, date and location of the acknowledgment of the alert.


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